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Carolyn Blish
Whether recognized as an artist, wife, mother, grandmother, or evangelist, Carolyn Blish's deep
personal relationship with the Lord draws her out of her studio to share her faith. Through her art,
writing, and speaking, she continues to praise Him in line, color, and word.

Artist Carolyn Blish knows well the hours and effort required for an artist to paint a flower. But for
her, painting a flower is a labor of love, a joyful gift that she can share with others, and that is why she
loves to paint. "Whenever I see anything beautiful and serene and happy, I want to share it. One of
the best ways of sharing is through limited edition prints. They give me a sense of connection with
others I'll never meet and never know. That's what I love about prints."

The paintings of Carolyn Blish are a celebration of life and love. Some subjects, she says, call her to
paint them. "Sometimes the artist chooses the subject, and other times, the subject chooses the artist.
An artist visualizes a painting in the mind's eye. No one else knows. But the artist sees the total picture
before the first brushstroke."

"Carolyn Blish had been given a rare talent from God and has given it back to Him in her artwork,
immortalizing in watercolor her memories with tenderness, humor, and love." --- Ruth Graham

Blish is a former model, actress, and television newscaster who began painting in the early 1950's.
Her mother recognized early on that her daughter had artistic gifts. Blish always loved to sketch
painted little designs on her saddle shoes. Soon, everyone in her high school wanted similar designs
on their shoes. Blish had to hire five friends to keep up with the demand as the fad she originated
spread all over town. "My mother was wonderful. She even let me paint on the walls in my bedroom.
She bought me paint and brushes and encourage me from the start."

Blish first began exhibiting her art nationally in 1965. A member of the prestigious American
Watercolor Society, watercolor is her preferred medium because of its spontaneous quality: "In
watercolors, nature follows its own course; the artist just helps it along." Children and flowers are two
of her favorite subjects that just seem to go together. Both are soft and fresh, fragile and fleeting. With
seascapes that beckon, bouquets that enchant, and children who radiate joy, she shares the things she
loves most: "Art is about love, and my language is paint. I want to share with other people the things
that I love."

The popularity of Carolyn Blish's art has made it an American standard. She transfers her own delight
in her subject matter right into her canvases. She has an endless fascination with her subjects: the ever-
changing moods and rhythms of the shoreline, the undulating shapes of the dunes, flowers, children,
and woodland subjects - all are images that offern authenticity without artifice. They are, she says,
images that "call me to be painted" Blishs art is indeed a celebration of life.

"My painting reminds me how all beauty points to God, who is the Creator of all things beautiful. I
believe every work of fine art bears witness to Him." --- Carolyn Blish

Published by The Greenwich Workshop since 1973, Carolyn Blish and her husband Stanley live in
Newark, Delaware.  â€œMy faith is very important to me,â€� says Carolyn, “and painting
reminds me how all beauty points to God, who is the Creator of all things beautiful. I believe every
work of fine art bears witness to Him.� Blish’s fine art career was effectively born when she
moved to Delaware with her new husband and began shopping for art to decorate the wall of her first
apartment. Unable to find something she liked, she decided to paint it herself. Since then she has
dedicated herself to capturing the wonder all around her, best known for her paintings of children and
landscapes, as well as shoreline scenes. Her book Drawing Closer: The Art of Carolyn Blish was
published in 1998. She is a member of the American Watercolor Society, the American Artist
Professional League and Allied Artists of America.